PCED Application – Completed Year 1 Training After March 1, 2021

A minimum of eight (8) points are required to sit for the nationally-recognized Professional Community and Economic Developer (PCED) certification exam offered through the Community Development Council, Inc. (CDC).

Three (3) of these points must come from three (3) years of experience as an active, paid professional in the fields of community and economic development. Additionally, applicants must have completed all three (3) years of CDI training from an official CDI site prior to be eligible to sit for the certification exam. 

As of January 1, 2023, the Professional Community and Economic Development (PCED) application includes two additional requirements: example of community and economic development project and resume.

Applicants should not submit excessive examples of their work or documentation.  While it is a good idea to include more than the 8 required points; listing and documenting in excess of 10-to-12 points is unnecessary.   Documentation examples include diploma, certificate of completion/attendance, or other official verification and should include dates.  Employment documentation should include dates, job title, and detailed description. All supporting documentation submitted must be labeled or titled in alignment with points claimed.

 Claimed eligibility points are subject to the approval of Community Development Council, Inc. (CDC) and applicants will be given the opportunity to provide additional documentation if needed during the review process.

The certification application and $225.00 certification fee (includes study guide) must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to the testing date to be considered for review. The certification fee can be paid online or by check payable to the Community Development and forwarded to:

Matthew Darius
PCED Certification Secretary
250 George Avenue E, #100
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Office: (404) 577-8892
Email: matthew@sedc.org

    Eligibility points total eight (8)
  • All documentation uploaded
  • Application fee paid